Thursday, November 02, 2006

Gmail for your phone!

Hurray! The ultimately cool Gmail client for mobile phones is out! Check out the Googleblog announcement or the actual download page. On my Samsung A900 it looks very sleek, with 6 message headers per page, access to my labels, a very easy navigation between various conversations and messages within a conversation, an easy way to see attached pictures (I've never tried the PDF attachment viewer).. If you have a java phone with some kind of data plan, you should definitely check it out :)


Blogger HuLsH said...

You are right! But the problem starts when you must check your other accounts. I often check my mail when I am outdoors and Gmail I one of many. If you have other accounts like Hotmail, or Yahoo mail you will have to install another mail app. That’s why I use Movamail with it I can watch all of my mail accounts including gmail from one place. I don’t know about you but for me all in one sounds great.

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